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Assalamualaikum, hai stalker. Today, i wanna story about my life. Here my life begin with him. Z is where alphabet begin. And he was my last hero :'(  I still remember on 30/12/2012, we're incompatible. then, we break. I know it's was me who say goodbye :'< and that's the hardest thing to do. But i had to. I desperately sad with you. you accuse me, you said me cheating on you. I beg to you, i love you. After all that you had said, my heart broken. Actually, where did you put your trust on me ? Awak tahu tak ? Sumpah, saya setia sangat kat awak. You know what? I never stop thinking of you :'(

2013 was coming. My new year without you. Yeah, maybe hard to me to through the days without you. But i've tried to be strong with a fake smile everyday. I always thought that one days, i gonna forgot you. But i was wrong. My mind, my heart, my soal always with you :'( it's very hard to forget you. I don't why. On march, i saw you in tesco, seberang perai. Omg! my heart 'dupdapdupdap' like first time i saw you. But i pretended like i dont see you, but i was looking at you. I really miss you. I admit before this i really ego on you. Now, i'am really regret :'( dear Z , will you forgive me? will we getting back?

Saya menyesal sangat sangat bila saya tak terima awak masa awak cakap nak berbaik balik. Hati saya tak pernah takmau, saya nak sangat awak. Tapi masa tu saya bodoh kan? Sekarang dah terlambat untuk saya cakap 'I still love you' :'(

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