Do you ever know how i feel hurted ?
Wednesday, 7 November 2012 @ 10:09 | 0 Comment [s]

Finally, i already made the best decision for us. Maybe, it would be my last decision.
You and me is over. I don't want to cry again. Just waste my tear. Sorry to say, i'll never forget
 what you have done to me. It so hurts. I am tired to go through all that. Which girl hah can stand,
 if her boypreng always don't care about she ? When thinking back, i the most stupid waiting for you.
 For you information, i not 'TUNGKUL KAYU'. I have my own feel. What i do, always my fault.
 Kcunnnn. Don't worry, after this i'll not disturb you anymore. I hope you'll happy with your own way,
 and i'll find my own way. For forget you, maybe so hard to me. If eventually, Insyaallah. I'll forget you
After this, i'll eat some pill that allows me to forget you. Yeah, i hope success. Haha. I'll never
remember your swear and promise. And i'll not sad anymore. Lastly, i'll not remember our sweet

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