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Assalamualaikum and hello. Harini dila cuma nak cakap yang dila penat sangat dengan semua ni :'< sampai bila akan berakhir semua ni? sampai bila dila mampu bertahan? Awak, terima kasih sebab rindukan saya :') walaupun saya taktahu adakah awak ikhlas mahupun tak. Dah cukup buat saya awak, saya bahagia sangat. walaupun sekejap sahaja. haha :'/ saya tak mampu nak bagitau kat awak, yang saya rindukan awak jugak :'/ sampai bila awak nak ego? Anyway, Alhamdulillah for everything ya Allah :') I'm really appreciate. Btw, our story like a 'There is no rose without a thorn'. However happy we are, there is always some little touch of sadness or disappointment :'> awak, dengar lagu ni 

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Hai, harini dila bangun lewat sikit. Mama sibuk dengan kuih raya sampaikan lupa nak gerak dila. Jadi, dila pergi tusyen lambat sikit dalam 9:30pagi centu. Dila terjaga pun sebab dalila gerak. Kesian dia kena pi tusyen dulu, sbb dila baru ja bangun. Okay takpa lah, sorry nah yayang. hihiw.
Thanks dalila buat dila happy tadi. Hihiw. Kali ni first time banyak sembang. Yelah, luah perasaan katakan :'(  tadi tetiba teringat kat dia. Haihh :'/ habis buat kerja cikgu bagi. Dila mintak fon dekat dini, nak pinjam kejap kedit boleh. Haha. Dia bagi. Dini kan baik. hehew. Dila dail no dia. Dila misscall banyak kali. Hmm, dia tak angkat pun :/ takpa lah. dila text dia 'Haiiiiiiiiii'. Dia pun reply 'Ni sapa ?'. Terus dila call. Then dia angkat, dia cakap ni siapa? tapi dila diam ja. Dia pun malas nak layan. Dia buat kerja lain. Awak, leganya hati dila dengar suara awak :') after that, dila letak phone. I'm really sorry. Actually, i really miss you.

I'm tired with all this :'(
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Awak, tadi tetiba ja hati saya sakit. Macam kena hiris perlahan lahan dengan pisau yang tajam. Ya Allah, kenapa ni? Macam tak sedap hati ja. Awak kat sana okay ka tak? Saya rindu kat awak ka ni? Haih, sabar lah wahai hati. Dia dah tak peduli kat hg lagi. Sikit pun dia tak ingat hg dila. Ya, dila tau. Tapi bila ingat kat awak, cepat ja air mata mengalir. Terus dila menangis kat ayah. Dila cakap dila tak sedap hati. Lepastu, dila peluk mama. Dila cakap dila penat. Ya Allah, kuatkan imanku :'( saya terlalu rindukan awak. Awak yang dulu. Tapi awak dah bahagia tanpa saya. Saya tak kisah awak nak fikir saya mcm mana. Jahat ka playgirl ka apa ka? Allah sahaja Maha Mengetahui. Yang penting, saya nak awak tahu. Saya sayangkan awak. 

I miss you :'(
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Off the cuff, you vanished. Why would I be stuck on the razor's edge? What is my mistake? You know, for me, you're beyond reproch. You're like a diamond in a rough. You were easy on my eye. I had apply double standards for you. Maybe I had fall for you. Now, I'm at six and seven. You had changed. You're became like a cold fish and have a heart of stone. You're bleed for someone? We once bursting with joy. And where does all of that things vanished? Why? Now, I'm in a deadbeat. My heart, its hurting. Maybe someday I will have the audicity to do something. You know, I'm head over heels for you! Now, I'm lose sleep over something. Maybe you have rest on one's laurels. Can you give me at least a new lease of life? Can we keep the ball rolling? Can we just forget the old sores? I'm sorry for rub salt into one's wound. Can we head the nail and solve our problem? Urgh, maybe I'm asking for the moon. Its hopeless. Impossible. I'm building castles in the air. Dear me, move on please. He doesn't care about you anymore. He had changed, too much. He once very caring on me. Now, he was very heartless. Up to you what you want to do now. At least, you would be happy. Sincerely, I love you 

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The smile on my face doesn't mean my life is perfect. It means I appreciate what I have and what God has blessed me with.
I keep myself busy with things to do, but everytime I pause, I still think of you.


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Assalamualaikum, hai stalker. Today, i wanna story about my life. Here my life begin with him. Z is where alphabet begin. And he was my last hero :'(  I still remember on 30/12/2012, we're incompatible. then, we break. I know it's was me who say goodbye :'< and that's the hardest thing to do. But i had to. I desperately sad with you. you accuse me, you said me cheating on you. I beg to you, i love you. After all that you had said, my heart broken. Actually, where did you put your trust on me ? Awak tahu tak ? Sumpah, saya setia sangat kat awak. You know what? I never stop thinking of you :'(

2013 was coming. My new year without you. Yeah, maybe hard to me to through the days without you. But i've tried to be strong with a fake smile everyday. I always thought that one days, i gonna forgot you. But i was wrong. My mind, my heart, my soal always with you :'( it's very hard to forget you. I don't why. On march, i saw you in tesco, seberang perai. Omg! my heart 'dupdapdupdap' like first time i saw you. But i pretended like i dont see you, but i was looking at you. I really miss you. I admit before this i really ego on you. Now, i'am really regret :'( dear Z , will you forgive me? will we getting back?

Saya menyesal sangat sangat bila saya tak terima awak masa awak cakap nak berbaik balik. Hati saya tak pernah takmau, saya nak sangat awak. Tapi masa tu saya bodoh kan? Sekarang dah terlambat untuk saya cakap 'I still love you' :'(

Love them !
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Friend Forever <3

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